This section deal with viva practice, the x-Ray or clinical photograph used here are based on same theme as in original exam.

Brain Teaser

What is Lindbergs anamaly?

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Common muscle belly of FPL and index FDP results in flexion of both during thumb IPJ flexion

A 55 year old gentleman presented to your clinic with severe right hip pain. He has a history of Paget’s disease in the past. Clinical examination and radiograph confirmed severe osteoarthritis of right hip but thick cortices & coarse trabeculae in pelvis and both hip. Before offering him total hip replacement what are the potential problems you need to consider?

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Paget’s disease and THR potential problems are



– Metabolic acidosis

– Increase Intraoperative bleeding

– Increase incident of hetrotopic ossification


-Proximal femoral deformity

– Protrusio acetabuli

– Intraoperative fractures.

What is a Carpal Boss?

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Prominent metacarpal base

What is Hypothinner Hammer Syndrome?

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Vascular Occlusion of Ulnar artery by repetitive trauma

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