Jean Kany

Jean Kany


Dr. Jean Kany is a French orthopedic surgeon, Shoulder unit, author and international speaker. Dr. Kany was born in Strasbourg France in 1963, graduated from Brest University with a degree of Medicine and from Toulouse University with degree of Orthopedic Surgery.

Dr. Kany worked initially in the Toulouse public hospital as a pediatric hand micro-surgeon. He spoke on many panels regarding congenital malformation of the hand and has been developing this demanding surgery in other countriies like Vietnam, Columbia or Brazil up to now with recurrent humanitarian missions.

Dr. Kany moved to his private institute in 1998 and began Shoulder surgery at the “Clinique de l’Union” in Toulouse, France. He focused around sport medicine and surgery developing new mini invasive and arthroscopic procedures. Since 2005, Dr Kany has been performing shoulder surgery only and created his own shoulder unit.

Dr Kany has been developing new concepts about shoulder arthroplasty and contributing for new generation of arthroscopic surgical cameras for e-teaching. His greatest professional passion is to debate his own experience with other international shoulder experts and then to teach new ideas and concepts. He imagined and published a new arthroscopic shoulder technique for sequaela of obstetrical birth palsy as for non-reparable rotator cuff tear too.

Dr. Kany is the author of more than 30 international publications and one book, which includes surgical shoulder pathology and treatments. Therefore he is an international speaker. He has been an expert and faculty member for high profile congress such as Annecy Live Surgery International Shoulder Course, Nice International Shoulder Course, Paris International Shoulder Course and Val d’Isère International Shoulder Course.

Dr Kany is member of French orthopedic society, French arthroscopic society and President of Venus team, which is the shoulder unit of GECO (Groupe d’Etude en Chirurgie Osseuse). He organizes international congresses around surgical shoulder pathology.

Dr. Kany is eager to help his audience understand and apply the principles he teaches and his presentations often include demonstrations, live surgeries, e-learning and participation that bring personal meaning to his audience members.